Belly Dance Marin FAQs

Welcome to the world of belly dance! Get ready to experience the irresistible music and the energizing moves with Marin’s master teacher, Dhyanis.

Here’s what our new students often ask:

What should I wear to belly dance class?
Stretchy yoga pants or workout wear —  preferably hip hugging, without a restricted waistline and/or zippers. Wear any sort of top. You don’t have to expose your belly. But if you want to, great! It can be a helpful visual. A longer body-hugging shirt is fine, too. Big old t-shirts, however, don’t set the right mood.

A scarf tied at your hips accentuates your movements and sensitivity. We have loaners you can use in class. Or take a look at the many fringed, beaded and coined hip wraps which Dhyanis has for sale in the belly dance shop.

We dance barefoot. But if you need the support, go ahead and wear shoes.

Is belly dance a workout?
Yes, you can get fit belly dancing — with its cardio and muscle-conditioning benefits. No, it won’t make your belly muscles fat. It will tone them up! And your posture will improve.

How long till I start getting the moves? At first, the movements might feel awkward and unfamiliar. But stick with them and gradually your body will accept them as natural. It can take up to a year to be proficient, depending on how often you come, if you have experience with other dance styles or how quickly you learn. But you’ll have fun learning and start to feel familiar with the moves after just a few classes.

What about those of us with knee problems?
Belly dance will strengthen the muscles around your knees since most of the moves require that you sink down on slightly bent legs.

Is belly dance good for my back?
If your lower back gives you trouble, the belly-toning and massage-like motions of belly dance should both soothe and strengthen it.

Am I too old to belly dance?
Impossible! This is a dance form you can do your whole life. It’s NON-IMPACT yet rejuvenating and it doesn’t matter how old you are when you start, even without former dance training.

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